How to Get There

Furano Lodge 10 is situated in the Shimo-goryo area at the foot of the Kitanomine slopes of Furano. Downtown Furano is just a short distance away with plenty of spots within walking distance.


Furano itself is a rural town of some 25 000 people, centrally located in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. There are various ways to get there via air, rail or road options but the two most straight forward and effective are as follows:

  • By Air - to Asahikawa International Airport (Asahikawa is Hokkaido’s second largest city) and from the airport to Furano via the LAVENDER Bus, a one hour journey.

    The Lavender bus operates a return service almost hourly from Asahikawa to Furano and Furano to Asahikawa with the last bus leaving the airport for Furano at 6pm on the winter schedule.
    (This is regarded as the most direct and best approach to getting to Furano, particularly if travelling from Tokyo)
  • By Air - to the Shin Chitose International airport at Sapporo (Hokkaido’s major city) and from the airport to Furano via Bus, a three hour journey.

    Internal Japanese flights with JAL, ANA, and Skymart all fly to Asahikawa or Sapporo. The most common route is from Tokyo (Haneda or Narita airports) but other options are possible from Osaka and Nagoya. A number of international carriers fly direct to Sapporo.
  • By Rail
    Various major rail connections are possible across to the island of Hokkaido however services become limited and slower beyond the major connections. Check with Japan Rail (JR Hokkaido) for current information and possibilities. Asahikawa has local train services running from Ashikawa station to Furano Station and return.

    By Road
    There are some Coach tour options across to Hokkaido but these are seasonal and limited. Bus services to Furano are available from both Sapporo and Asahikawa Airports to the Furano town centre and station as well as Kitanomine. The most convenient is the Lavender bus which takes approximately an hour.

    Further information can be sourced from various airline and Japanese public transport sites such as JR Hokkaido, Furano Bus and Japanese Tourism centres.

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