Furano is blessed with an amazing array of annual attractions and activities beyond the sensational ski fields. The whole Furano experience can be savoured according to personal interest and what visitors want to see. Aside from the general rural surroundings, colourful fields and fantastic National Park scenery there are many activities and attractions to take in.

Sampling the varied cuisine from the many wonderful, small RESTAURANTS in Furano is definitely one of the added highlights. Traditional Hokkaido meat dishes, Nabe and curries are well worth trying amongst the more common fare for western tourists.

Another highlight and cultural attraction to try is the Japanese ONSEN. These traditional Japanese hot spring baths are a part of Japanese life and Furano is blessed to have a number of large Onsen complexes in the area, usually with a spectacular view out across scenic mountains or forest.

A must see is a day trip to Asahikawa’s famous ZOO. Taking in the fantastic animal exhibits during winter only heightens this excellent attraction and the overall experience.

Depending on the season and time of year there are many other different activities and pursuits to add to a Furano visit. Drifting through the acclaimed “Angel Dust” phenomenon (sparkling ice crystals suspended in the air and shining in the winter sunshine) whilst HOT AIR BALLOONING over the snow is a once in a lifetime experience. Try some ICE HOLE FISHING and enjoy the taste of the freshly caught, deep fried, Smelt – a small crispy delicacy.

The special taste of LAVENDER FLAVOURED ICE CREAM and the region’s famous Rock Melons at the spectacular FLOWER FIELD viewing areas is also a summer must. For the more adventure bound there’s white water RAFTING, MOUNTAIN BIKING or simply hiking. And the area is blessed with some fantastic GOLF COURSES.

The list of activities and things to see is bounded only by your energy and personal interest.

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