The Magic of Furano

Furano is a town of around twenty - five thousand people located in the centre of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. The township lies in a valley at the base of the of the picturesque Taisetsu Mountain range right at the central heart of Hokkaido.

This wonderful location is well known to holiday makers from all over Japan as well as a growing number of visiting International tourists. The magnificent contrast of stunning Summer scenery and attractions and one of the very best dry powder ski locations in the world make Furano a very appealing destination. Furano’s general geography and surrounding ranges shelter it from the prevailing winds found in the west of Hokkaido producing many days of brilliant, cloudless, blue skies. Spectacular, panoramic views of the region including Mt Tochidake and on a clear day, Mt Asahi are a feature of the surroundings.

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